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This web site offers advice, tips on Sex Toys, their use and care as well as one of the best sex toy stores on the web.

Why Use Sex Toys?

1. Sex Toys Feel Good.

2. Sex Toys are Fun.

3. Sex Toys Make Sex Better.

 Guide to Sex Toys

Over the years, sex toy manufacturers have gone to great lengths to provide toys for almost any conceivable fetish, desire or situation. There are sex toys designed specifically for men, for  women, for men to share, for women to share and so on. It's doubtful that you can find a body part, especially in the erogenous zones, that doesn't have several corresponding sex toys that have been designed specifically for it.

Increased demand for toys has allowed manufacturers to experiment with new shapes and materials, resulting in toys that have amazing life-like properities. Other toys eschew life-like qualities and focus their attention on the direct stimulation of a particular body part, such as the clitoris or the g-spot.

When selecting sex toys for purchase, it's best to be specific as to your personal tastes (ie., for a  woman, do you prefer vaginal, clitoral or g-spot stimulation). You'll also be better off spending a little bit more to get quality toys. The difference in both the materials used and the performance given by the more expensive toys can be enormous.

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