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Once you are able to bring the toy into the relationship, remember a few basic commonsense tips.

Be flexible. The toy you've selected might turn out to be totally wrong for your sexual personalities. That's okay. Put it aside and try something different.

Be patient. Your partner may agree to play with the toy, and
then change his or her mind midway through the experience. That's his or her prerogative. Be patient and try again another time. It might take awhile, but it will be worth the wait. The important thing to remember is that your relationship is a partnership, which implies that both of you are in this together. You make the decision together; you select the toy together. If your lover feels as though he or she can trust you, things will go much better for you and your toy. Sharing the experience goes a long way to promoting that trust.

Start slow. Save the double dong or strap-on dildo for future encounters. Try a nice, simple rocket vibrator. Once your loved one is used to the action, you can trade up.

Be gentle. Your partner may like it on the rough side, but hold back a little the first few times you play with toys. There's plenty of time to accelerate later.

Communicate with your partner. He or she may have agreed to use the toy, but that doesn't mean your lover is 100% comfortable with the idea. Talk your way through the experience. Ask your partner if what you are doing together feels good. If it doesn't, try something else.

Use Plenty of Lubricant. Sex toys need lots of lube to slip and slide the way they should. The last thing your girlfriend needs to worry about is whether she's wet enough to enjoy herself. You don't want to risk injury to male or female partners by inserting something into a dry orifice. Keep a bottle of lube handy and use it often.

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