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Dildo: A cylindrically shaped object used for sexual stimulation usually by insertion into the vagina or anus.

The difference between a dildo and a vibrator is simply that a dildo doesn't vibrate. Some vibrators are phallic-shaped, but not all. Dildos almost always retain some sort of penis-like shape. They just don't vibrate. Instead, dildos provide a feeling of fullness and thrusting that many find very satisfying. Dildos can be used vaginally, anally, even orally. They can be strapped into a harness or used with just a hand. The only caveat: for anal use a dildo must have a flared base, so it won't slip in too far to be pulled out. Otherwise, let your imagination be your guide. Some dildos look and feel very realistic, others come in glitter and rainbow colors. As with all sex toys, choosing a dildo is personal. There is no right or wrong.

When purchasing a dildo, your main criteria should first be width, then length. You can use only a bit of that 9" dong and still get off, plus you'll have room to use the end as a handle to grip. But width is trickier - it's best to think about what you like and go from there… if in doubt, start thin and move up till you're happy. Also, remember the average erect penis is 5-7 inches long - this should help when comparing measurements. The material of your dildo can also make a big difference. Silicone is ideal because it is just the right firmness, holds heat (which seems not to matter until you try it), and generally feels more organic than other materials. Durable glass is a new innovation that is literally quite slick. Rubber polymers like Cyberskin™ have created the idea of realistic toy forever.

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