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Sex Potions


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Sex potions make wonderful gifts, especially for the discerning. Or, try them with your partner when you're more in the mood for love than kink. You could also use sex potions to prolong foreplay before diving into the toy chest. It's fun to create a whole evening with dinner, potions and toys, plus it's great for your relationship.

What, you don't have a relationship? Well don't just sit there feeling sorry for yourself! If you know how to treat yourself to an evening of self-love, you'll be all the better equipped to please someone else, when that someone else does come along. Start with a bubble bath, light some candles, give yourself a foot massage. Be nice to you and others will, too.

Caution: Most products not compatible with condoms. They also generally don't interact well with toys. In other words, only use sex potions externally and you will be fine! For internal slipperiness, try water-based lube.

Massage Oils

Massage oils are known for their aphrodisiac qualities, and are used by professional massage therapists. We believe in the power of a good massage… it releases toxins and does wonders for the mood, not to mention it's one of the best ways to initiate sex.

Warming Oils

These are also called "lick and blow" oils. You put them on, rub them in and they heat up. Lick them and blow on them and the skin gets hot and cold at the same time - an amazing sensation! Warming oils come in every flavor under the sun, and they're all edible.

For the Bath

Cleanliness is an important part of safe and enjoyable sex. Not only do most people appreciate a clean, well-cared for body, getting that way can be really sexy. Soaps, shower gels and bath bubbles are designed to make bathing sensual and fun.

Miscellaneous Potions

Creams to soften the skin, gloss to enhance the lips, aphrodisiac perfumes, and other nifty potions to excite and stimulate the senses.

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