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Good sex toys made exclusively for men are harder to find than a decent vibrator designed for a woman. But, there are a lot of fun alternatives for men who shy away from blow-up dolls and gigantic penis pumps. Because the male sex toy experience often involves a partner, you'll also find in this category toys for couples to use together.

Penis Pumps

These work by pulling blood into the penis using a vacuum action. Insert penis into the chamber (use lube), and use the pump to squeeze the air out of the tube. The result will be a painless, temporary increase in size and hardness of your erection! Although there are many complicated looking penis pump contraptions available, simple is usually better.

Cock Rings

Used to be, the only cock rings around were scary-looking devices made of leather or metal. Nowdays, they come in stretchy materials, like silicone. This is much safer for all parties involved, and just as effective.

It works like this: the ring fits around the base of the penis, which restricts blood flow. This makes it easier to maintain an erection and/or prolong ejaculation. You might have heard of pinching the base of the penis, a.k.a. the Masters & Johnson squeeze technique - cock rings have the same concept.

The biggest complaint we hear from men regarding cock rings is they see them as a negative statement on their performance, especially when a woman introduces one to lovemaking. But here's the reality: it takes a woman up to three times as long to reach orgasm as a man. Just as many women enjoy extra foreplay to get them going, men can sometimes use help from a little squeeze!

Many a man has discovered that cock rings give him the freedom to take his time when pleasing himself or his lover - without having to think of a mind-numbingly boring sports game to hold off orgasm. In other words, although cock rings are perfect for men with erectile disorders, premature ejaculation problems, or extra-kinky fetishes, any man can enjoy one.

Vibrating cock rings are a fairly recent development. They add an extra dimension of pleasure for both partners, and also work well for men going solo. We love them! Safety note: As a general guide, don't wear a cock ring for more than 20-30 minutes. Even if the pressure is gentle, you don't want to restrict blood flow to any area of the body for too long. Also, use lube to get it on and off.

Sleeves and Extensions

Sleeves come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be used in many different ways. They can be slipped over the penis for extra length and girth. Some are shaped like a vagina and are designed primarily for the user's pleasure. Some are tiny and thin, and function like a very gentle cock ring that provides extra stimulation during intercourse.

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