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With a few simple precautions, you can extend the life of your sex toys.

Water-based lubricants work best with most toys. Oil and silicone lubricants are mainly designed for men going solo. Plus, oils can get trapped in her vagina and cause infection. Never use Vaseline or petroleum jelly on a toy, it will degrade the material and again, it'll give her a nasty infection. Condoms can always be used over a toy. This ensures that it absorbs no fluids, and makes it safe to share toys (provided you change the condom.)

Clean your toy before and after using it with soap and hot water. Usually, that's plenty. If your toy has mechanical parts, keep those away from water. Instead, wipe them down with a soapy cloth. Keep toys away from linty towels, instead dry with a paper towel or old t-shirt. Store a soft or jelly toy in its own cloth or sheath. Many toy plastics are incompatible, and will bleed or melt together. Again, an old t-shirt makes a great toy-wrap. If your toy has batteries, store it without them. This will extend the life of both the toy and the batteries.

Keep toys away from your pets. Not exactly something you'd think about, but it happens all the time. Fido won't understand that shiny new plastic thing didn't come from Petco. A vintage suitcase lined with velvet makes a great sex toy "cabinet" that will keep your stuff out of sight and away from pets.

Silicone toys must be stored in a plastic bag. Take extra care you do not nick the surface, as once that happens it will tear easily. CyberskinTM is best air-dried, but if that's not possible, get it as dry as you can with a cloth. After it's dry, dust the toy with cornstarch so it will maintain its smooth surface. For more information on specific products, read Toy Materials.

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