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You put vibrators on your most sensitive and delicate parts. They should be well-designed and made of the best materials possible.

Hard plastic toys are anything that is not soft and squishy. Hard plastic is among the least likely to absorb body fluids or react with your skin, but keep in mind they're not realistic or soft.

Jelly toys are made of a soft, squishy plastic called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It's the stuff plumbing pipes are made out of, since it's one of the most used industrial materials, you'll find it in much more than just your pipes, in different textures and forms. Jelly toys are easy to care for and widely available. Jelly toys have the potential to cause skin reaction in people with sensitivities, but most are able to use them with no problem.

Silicone is the best soft toy material you can find. It absorbs heat, doesn't react with most skin types, and has a realistic feel. It requires extra care, but it's well worth the effort.

Cyberskin™ is a rubber polymer that is very porous but feels very real. Like silicone, it requires extra care, but you won't mind when you feel how skin-like it really is.

Glass toys are made from extra-strength Pyrex™ They have the advantage of getting really slick, absorbing less fluid, and looking like art as much as toys.

Latex is a form of rubber that feels more organic than plastics. If you have allergies to latex, obviously you should steer clear of latex products and choose from the many fine alternatives.

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