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There are so many different makes and models of vibrators out there, it can make you dizzy just to think about it - never mind actually choosing one that's right for you. We hope this guide will help.

First, a Brief History

Vibrators have been used since the invention of electricity. Back then, physicians were often presented with "hysterical" female patients, many of whom responded well to what they called "manual stimulation." In other words, doctors were using their hands to bring a woman to orgasm through (presumably) clitoral contact. Although this must have been loads of fun for some docs and their patients, it was often tiring work for the doctor

So when electricity came along and vibrators were invented shortly thereafter, the doctor's task became much easier. It wasn't long before vibrators began making their way into the homes of millions of happy women, where they've remained ever since.

Over the years, vibrators have seen many innovations, although most electric models, kind of like blenders, have not deviated much in design. By the seventies, battery-operated models came on the scene, along with a new breed of enlightened feminist woman (and, of course, the men who supported them!) Their efforts helped transform society's view of sexuality into something more natural and wholesome, compared to the rigid rules with which they were raised. By selling, buying and using sex toys to enrich their lives, the strident women of the seventies paved the way for their grateful offspring to do the same.

Choosing a Vibrator

Because of the sheer volume of toys available, the vibrator shopper has to be discerning. To choose a vibrator that's right for you, think about the following things: Is this your first vibe? If so, there is a fine selection of good, simple vibrators that are perfect for beginners - both in function and price. Some are phallic-shaped, some are totally discreet.

What kind of vibrations are you looking for? Some people like really strong vibrations. Others find the intensity too much for them. Some toys give tingly sensations, some pulsate, some just vibrate. Multi-speed controls allow you to vary the speed and intensity, but some vibes are wonderful with just an on/off switch.

Just as you are a unique individual, so is your sexuality. There is no universal right or wrong when it comes to vibrators - if it feels good to you, it's the right one! What areas of the body do you want to awaken?

Some vibes are designed specifically for clitoral stimulation. Others are dual-stimulators that touch the clitoris and also have a shaft that you can insert. Some vibes are designed for G-spot stimulation. Others have multiple uses.

Where will you be using it? Some vibrators are on the loud side, but they have benefits that make up for the noise. Others are so quiet, you can't even tell when they're turned on. If you have children, roommates or other reasons why you'd want a quiet vibe, be sure and check out the volume meter before you buy

If you're into shower, bath or hot tub sex, look for the "waterproof" logo in the product description. (Remember, noise won't be a factor in the shower or underwater.)

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